16th of February 2023

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Hoping for better brand health in 2023?

Building profitable brands is a challenging endeavour. While ultimately the success of our endeavours is revealed in buying behaviour, the initial battle is fought in the minds of category buyers. We can’t see this battle, but with the right metrics, we can check if we have laid sufficient groundwork to give a brand the best chance of success when that moment presents itself. This is the valuable role that brand health research can play – provide a window into the mind of the category buyer.

The quality of our brand measurement feeds into the quality of our brand management. Better Brand Health, by Professor Jenni Romaniuk, International Director of the world-famous Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia, is a book that aims to improve the quality of our brand health measurement. The book covers familiar measures such as brand awareness and brand attributes/image, as well as newer areas of measurements such as Mental and Physical Availability. It also highlights where online data scraping can and can’t replace surveys as a brand health indicator.

This book is for:

• Marketing/Brand Managers who rely on brand health metrics to assess performance and highlight future opportunities/threats.

• Insights managers who commission this type of research, and want to improve their research briefs, ability to evaluate provider suggestions, as well as questionnaire design, analysis, and reporting skills.

• Market researchers who design questionnaires, collect data, and create reports and want to improve the quality, relevance, and cost effectiveness of the work they do.

• Marketing educators who want to teach evidence-based market brand health research practices.

• Marketing students who want to learn best practice from the outset.

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