3rd of February 2022

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Uncensored CMO Podcast interview with Prof. Byron Sharp

Institute Director Professor Byron Sharp chats with Jon Evans on the podcast Uncensored CMO.

Jon & Byron discuss:

  • Being turned down for a publishing deal for How Brands Grow
  • Why experts are terrible at predicting the future
  • Marketers getting distracted by Purpose with little empirical support for it
  • The ethical reason we should be focussed on the best return on marketing
  • Byron responds to Peter Field’s Purpose research
  • The top marketing myths exposed by How Brands Grow
  • The No.1 surprise in How Brands Grow
  • Why your customers are mostly the same as your competitors
  • The law of Double Jeopardy and why we are over exposed to our own brands heavy buyers
  • The paradox of very small brands having a larger customer base than expected
  • Physical and Mental availability overlap
  • How similar the top brands look vs ten years ago
  • Lucozade sugar tax backlash and how that proved the laws of marketing
  • The surprising importance of light and very light buyers
  • Why a lot of your sales come from people who haven’t bought you for at least a year
  • The importance of not changing your design
  • Whether the laws vary depending on category
  • Why market research is designed to highlight difference rather than similarity
  • The importance of distinctiveness and being remembered
  • What Levitt, Kotler and Akker got wrong about differentiation
  • Why even bankers can’t tell their banks apart
  • The power of pink concrete mixers
  • Asking an 8 year old to tell you what’s different about your brand
  • The real role of advertising for your brand
  • How search works just like point of sale to catch people as they fall
  • How the laws remain the same in B2B
  • Why Apple isn’t your typical brand when it comes to selling product differentiation
  • Why Ehrenberg Bass has just own distinctive asset
  • Why fruit doesn’t need packaging
  • The biggest unanswered question in marketing
  • Plans for Ehrenberg Bass to make training available to marketers
  • What Byron missed out in How Brands Grow
  • The importance of marketing the research and highlighting the implications
  • Describing Mark Ritson as the best business journalist in the world
  • What Byron thinks about the environment and the role of marketing in it

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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