12th of September 2022

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Media planning: Who do you have to reach with your expression and is three really the magic number?

Byron Sharp’s work has been very influential in media planning. Who needs to see your commercial to have an effect? And how often?

Next time you’ve got nothing to do, grab your TV remote and tune into Discovery Channel or Spike. Then count how many times you see the same spot in an hour. How much or how little effect would that have?

In previous articles I have discussed attention to advertising and which (video) channels are best able to generate attention for your expression. This showed that TV and BVOD are watched with the most attention. If you advertise there with an expression that contains emotion, your logo or name is prominently displayed and you use DBAs consistently, the purchase intention of your brand will be increased. The next question then is who should see your ad and how often your commercial should be seen to have an effect.


Byron Sharp’s work has been very influential in media planning. Instead of targeting current buyers of your brand, Sharp says you can grow better by finding new buyers. These can mainly be found with other brands, so people who are already familiar with your category. Addressing as many of these ‘category buyers’ as possible shows the greatest brand growth. And since then, reaching the largest possible proportion of category buyers has been an important objective in many media plans. In How Brands Grow 2 it examines which media reach the largest possible part of the target group. Sharp’s work shows that niche media are mainly used in combination with broader channels. And that you cannot reach the entire target group with just the use of various smaller media.

When selecting media, it is therefore wise to ensure that the medium most commonly used by the target group is included in your plan. Are news sites important to your target audience? Make sure you are on NU.nl and AD.nl. Do you use social media and is your target group between 25 and 35 years old? Then make sure you have a good presence on Instagram .

And yes, if you want to reach all category buyers, that can be a large group of people. Nicely explained in this overview from Google. What this also shows is that targeting is not relegated to the trash because of this way of working. Targeting is still very important, especially deeper in the funnel, as has also been described by Les Binet .

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