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Want to be more effective? Here’s five ideas to consider.

As the marketing industry descends on Cannes, David Tiltman says it’s time to raise the level of debate around effectiveness. Today WARC launches a new white paper: Anatomy of Effectiveness. It’s a distillation of the current evidence, case studies and thinking around effective advertising.

Advertising tracking is broken

The majority of brand measures are meaningless, says researcher Dr Chris Riquier. To rebuild credibility (and brands), marketers need to take heed of proven Ehrenberg-Bass principles and redirect spend from tracking.

Mark Ritson: Binet and Field’s research may not be perfect but that doesn’t make it wrong

In recent years the impact of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute and its promotion of “sophisticated mass marketing” has broken one of our discipline’s most cherished principles – that you must segment and target in order to have the greatest marketing impact. The benefits of targeted marketing have been apparent for decades and yet the empirical power of Ehrenberg Bass is hard to resist.

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