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71% of B2B ads are a waste of money, zero attention, zero sales: Why marketers should forget voiceovers and heavy text – and get the logo in much earlier

Creative eats targeting for breakfast, along with optimisation and every other factor marketers can control. Yet the vast majority of B2B ads are effectively a waste of space because they follow a tired formula – voiceovers, heavy on text, logo at the end – per a study of 600 ads by the B2B Institute. It found 71 per cent were highly unlikely to deliver any growth. To stop brands wasting money on "boring Power Point" ads, Partnerships Lead Derek Yueh unpacks some simple creative guidelines to help marketers stand a far better chance of delivering growth.

Stop advertising: this is what it does to your sales

What actually happens to my brand and sales figures if I don't use media for a while? That is a question we get quite often. A good answer to that question does require some research. It depends on several factors, such as your current fame, how many other brands you compete with in the industry and what they spend on media and of course how long you don't use media.

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