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Future Leaders of Australian wine announced

Coordinated by Wine Australia and supported by Australian Grape and Wine, Future Leaders is a professional and personal development program that invests in the next generation of Australia’s wine sector leaders so they are prepared for the challenges facing the sector and can be catalysts for innovative change.

How Clive Palmer’s UAP used mass advertising to build a brand

The rising popularity of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party (UAP) in recent weeks has left political commentators scratching their heads. But should we be surprised by UAP’s sudden upswing amongst Australian voters? Or, considering what we know about advertising, brand growth and building mental availability, is this just the result of a well executed marketing campaign?

The Sydney suburb with a secret Woolworths hiding in plain sight

This Woolworths is so small and behind the times, it doesn’t even say Woolies on the store. It’s a mystery why it even exists. Branding expert Professor Jenni Romaniuk from Uni SA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute told news.com.au there was “no right answer” as to whether a public facing company should operate under one or multiple names.

How biometrics can track attention to TV ads

Biometric methods like eye tracking and skin conductance are a powerful resource for measuring the attention received by television advertising, according to a new study in the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR).

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