Premium Food & Wine Marketing

Designed for owners and managers of premium food and wine brands (and those wanting to enter into the industry), this unique 8 module course is taught by leading marketing experts. Network and learn from industry leaders and see the evidence in practice on a one-day food and wine study tour in one of South Australia’s iconic regions. 


What you will discover:

  • important consumer behaviour patterns for the premium food and wine market
  • the basics of sensory analysis for product evaluation
  • tips for successfully communicating your food and wine brands
  • how to create successful labels and packaging
  • best-practice for managing outlets, cellar doors and events
  • … and more!

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How you will benefit:

We focus on practical knowledge that can be applied to different brands and markets. Some key takeaways include:

  • tools and knowledge to build your brand’s reputation
  • strategies that will improve ROI for your marketing spend
  • evidence to guide smarter decision making across the supply chain
  • tips for attaining price premiums in domestic and international markets
  • guidelines for selecting appropriate distribution channels

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I found this course very comprehensive and without exception, there was nothing superfluous in any of the content or data presented. With a formidable array of speakers, it is an extremely valuable course for anyone looking to take their marketing game to a more detailed and evidence-based level!

Mark Saturno – Director, Longview Vineyard

Australia produces great food and wine but there is a lot to learn about best-practice in marketing our brands. This is a completely unique course where you can really learn to grow your brand.

Armando Corsi – Senior Marketing Scientist, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute


Our Expert Presenters

Tony Love
Wine Writer
Food and wine writing

Larry Lockshin
Senior Marketing Scientist
Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Packaging and labelling

Vicki Waye
Foundation Professor of Law
UniSA Business School
Quality certifications for premium
food & wine products

Svetlana Bogomolova
Senior Marketing Scientist
Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Premium food retail research
and management

Leigh Francis
Research Manager
The Australian Wine Research Institute
Sensory analysis

Johan Bruwer
Senior Marketing Scientist
Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Food and wine events management

Armando Maria Corsi
Senior Marketing Scientist
Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Consumer behaviour for premium
food and wine

Robin Shaw
Wine Tourism Development Specialist
DTM marketing


Arry Tanusondjaja
Senior Marketing Scientist
Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Social media management

@EhrenbergBasson Twitter

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