Professor Svetlana Bogomolova

Senior Marketing Scientist

Svetlana is a consumer behaviour and marketing researcher. Her area of expertise covers consumer decision-making at the point of purchase (i.e. supermarket) and the influence of contextual factors, such as price promotions, in-store signage, packaging, nutrition information and other elements of the shopping environment on consumer choices. Svetlana’s research feeds into the practice of industry partners (e.g., national and international brand manufacturers and retailers), as well as informing government policies about protecting consumer interests.

Svetlana has recently initiated a new collaboration with health researchers to apply her knowledge and expertise in influencing consumer behaviour to the efforts in improving public health by promoting healthier consumer choices about nutrition and physical activities.

Svetlana publishes her work in the top academic marketing journals, such as Journal of Business Research, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Health Marketing Quarterly, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Industrial Marketing Management, and International Journal of Market Research, as well as in the industry and popular press.

Academic Publications

Wilson, A., Bogomolova S., and Buckley J. (2015) “Lack of Efficacy of a Salience Nudge for Substituting Selection of Lower-Calorie for Higher-Calorie Milk in the Work Place”. Nutrients, 7(6), 4336-4344; doi:10.3390/nu7064336.

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