Professor Rachel Kennedy

Associate Director (Product Development)

As a founding researcher of the Institute, Rachel has been involved in many varied market research projects as well as training large organisations all over the world in what the marketing science can teach us, and what it means for marketing practice.

Rachel has steered advertising research at the Institute for many years. Rachel uses empirical knowledge about buyer behavior to better understand advertising, and other marketing interventions. Her research interests include improving advertising budgeting, single source measurement and validating tools like copy-testing and virtual reality.

Academic Publications

Bellman, S., Nenycz-Thiel, M., Kennedy, R., Varan, D. and Hartnett, N. (2019), ‘Attention to what? Best measures of attention to advertising across conditions’, Journal of Advertising Research.

Dawes, J., Kennedy, R., Green, K. and Sharp, B. (2018) ‘Problems with Econometrics for media decisions’, International Journal of Market Research, Online.

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Bellman, S., Nenycz-Thiel, M., Kennedy, R., Larguinat, L., Varan, D. and McColl, B. (2017), ‘What Makes a Television Commercial Sell? Using Biometrics to Identify Successful Ads’, Invited paper, Journal of Advertising Research, vol 57, no. 1, pp. 53-66.

Bogomolova, S., Szabo, M. and Kennedy, R. (2017), ‘Retailers’ and manufacturers’ price-promotion decisions: The role of intuition and beliefs’, Special Issue of Journal of Business Research on micro-foundations of pricing, vol. 76, pp. 189–200.

Hartnett, N., Kennedy, R., Sharp, B. and Greenacre, L. (2016), ‘Marketers’ intuitions about the sales effectiveness of advertisements’, Journal of Marketing Behavior, Special issue on Managerial Decision-making in Marketing, vol. 2, no. 2–3, pp. 177-194.

Kennedy, R. and Northover, H. (2016) ‘Using neuro measures for better advertising decisions: Issues for practitioners, and research priorities for vendors and scholars’, Journal of Advertising Research, vol. 56, no.2.

Danenberg, N., Kennedy, R., Beal, V. and Sharp, B. (2016), ‘Advertising budgeting: a re-investigation of the evidence on brand size and spend’,  Journal of Advertising, Special issue on Re-Inquiries in Advertising Research, vol 45no. 1.

Hartnett, N., Kennedy, R., Sharp, B. and Greenacre, L. (2016), ‘Creative That Sells: How Advertising Execution Affects Sales’, Journal of Advertising, Special issue on Re-Inquiries in Advertising Researchvol 45no. 1 pp. 102-112.

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