Dr Bill Page

Senior Marketing Scientist

Bill Page is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and one of the Institute’s Senior Marketing Scientists. Since joining the Institute Bill has worked on commercial projects for a broad range of organisations, in industries such as packaged goods, retail, quick service restaurants, not-for-profit, and various levels of government. He is experienced in measuring Distinctive Assets, copy testing, measuring brand equity, setting advertising budgets, measuring brand performance, improving in-store communications, and programming tools that can be used across a marketing organisation.

Bill’s primary area of expertise is shopper behaviour leading to purchase in the grocery environment. He has research interests in in-store navigation patterns, child understanding and response to advertising, and consumer behaviour. His work is published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, the International Journal of Market Research, and the Journal of Social Marketing.

Academic Publications

Page, B, Sharp, A, Lockshin, L & Sorensen, H 2017, ‘Parents and children in supermarkets: Incidence and influence‘, Journal of retailing and consumer services, vol. 40, pp. 31-39

Sorensen, H, Bogomolova, S, Anderson, K, Trinh, G, Sharp, A, Kennedy, R, Page, B & Wright, M 2017, ‘Fundamental patterns of in-store shopper behaviour‘, Journal of retailing and consumer services, vol. 37, pp. 182-194

Phua, P., Page, B., Bogomolova, S., 2015, “Validating Bluetooth logging as metric for shopper behaviour studies”, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol 22, pp. 158 – 163

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