Dr Gosia Ludwichowska

Senior Marketing Scientist

Gosia joined the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute as a Marketing Scientist in 2010. She has six years of international marketing experience in Europe as a marketing executive for luxury brands. Gosia studied Linguistics at the University of Wroclaw (Poland), Business Communication at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and has a Masters (research) and a PhD in Marketing from the University of South Australia. Her research is focussed on the understanding the value of memory metrics in brand tracking.

Gosia has been involved in a number of commercial and academic research projects for packaged goods and services brands, including brand health tracking and brand tracker audits, testing brands’ distinctive assets and approaches for best practice measurement of claimed behaviour. In 2017, she was promoted to a Senior Marketing Scientist at the Institute.

Gosia’s research is published in the European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Business Research. She has also presented at many international marketing conferences.

Academic Publications

Ludwichowska, G, Romaniuk, J., Nenycz-Thiel, M. (2017). Systematic errors in category purchase frequencies. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 51 Issue: 7/8.

Ludwichowska, G, Nenycz-Thiel, M, Sharp, B, Dawes, J. (2014). Brand awareness and mental availability: does more than one cue matter? Paper accepted for presentation at the 44th EMAC 2015, Belgium.

Ludwichowska, G, Romaniuk, J, & Nenycz-Thiel, M. (2012). Averaging: How to reduce the common response error to behavioural frequency questions in consumer surveys. Paper presented at the 41st EMAC, Portugal.

Ludwichowska, G., & Romaniuk, Jenni. (2012). Who is the culprit? Errors in self-reported category buying frequencies. Paper presented at the ANZMAC, Adelaide.

Nenycz-Thiel, Magda, Beal, Virginia, Ludwichowska, Gosia, & Romaniuk, Jenni (2012). Investigating the Accuracy of Self-Reports of Brand Usage Behavior. Journal of Business Research, 66(2), 224-232.

Nenycz-Thiel, Magda, Romaniuk, Jenni, & Ludwichowska, Gosia. (2011). The Accuracy of Self-Reported Category Buying Frequencies. Paper presented at the 7th International Conference, Thought Leaders in Brand Management, Lugano.

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