Dr Martin Hirche

Marketing Scientist

Martin’s research focuses on the physical availability of CPG brands, retail distribution and related brand performance measures. At the Institute, Martin is responsible for the entire lifecycle of market research from problem definition to client solutions as well as working on industry-funded R&D programs. His work is published in industry journals as well as peer-reviewed academic journals.

Prior to the Institute, Martin worked for wine and trading businesses globally and managed international key accounts with major European grocery retailers. Earlier, Martin also gained experience in the hospitality industry at Michelin-starred businesses in France and Germany.

Academic Publications

Bruwer, J, Lockshin, L, Saliba, A & Hirche, M 2015, ‘Cellar door: Trial-purchase-repurchase of the brand: How does a cellar door visit impact future sales?’, Wine & Viticulture Journal, 30(1), Jan/Feb 2015, pp. 56-59.

Hirche, M & Bruwer, J 2014, ‘Buying a Product for an Anticipated Consumption Situation – Observation of High and Low Involved Wine Buyers in a Retail Store’, International Journal of Wine Business Research, 26(4), pp. 295-318.

Bruwer, J, Pratt, M, Saliba, A & Hirche, M 2014, ‘Regional Destination Image Perception of Tourists within a Winescape Framework’, Current Issues in Tourism, 17(3), 33 pp.

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Hirche, M 2011, ‘Post aus Australien – In den Fängen des starken Dollars’ [Mail from Australia – in the clutches of a strong dollar], Weinwirtschaft, 2011/8 (17), p. 12.

Hirche, M 2008, ‘Analysis of wines offered in three-starred German restaurants with special reference to the role of the sommelier’, BSc thesis, Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Geisenheim.

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