Professor Jenni Romaniuk

Associate Director (International)

Jenni is a Research Professor and author of Building Distinctive Brand Assets, How Brands Grow Part 2 and Better Brand Health.

Jenni’s research covers brand equity, mental availability, brand health metrics, advertising effectiveness, distinctive assets, word of mouth and the role of loyalty and growth.  She is the developer of the Distinctive Asset Grid, which is used by companies around the world to assess the strength and strategic potential of their brand’s distinctive assets.  She is also a pioneer in Mental Availability measurement and metrics.

Jenni was the Executive Editor (International) of the Journal of Advertising Research (2014 – 2016), and now sits on the journal’s Senior Advisory Board.  She has published in journals such as Marketing Letters, the Journal of Business Research, Marketing Theory and European Journal of Marketing.

Academic Publications

Trinh, G., J. Romaniuk and A. Tanusondjaja (2015). “Benchmarking buyer behavior towards new brands.” Marketing Letters.10.1007/s11002-015-9376-8

Differentiation versus Distinctiveness – chapter with Byron Sharp in How Brands Grow Oxford University Press

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