17th of November 2021

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The B2B Brand Masters Podcast Series #4: Jenni Romaniuk

Nick Hague interviews Professor Jenni Romaniuk, Associate Director at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute in Australia on The B2B Brand Masters Podcast to discuss the fundamentals of buying behaviours and brand performance.

Jenni is the author of Building Distinctive Brand Assets, and developer of the Distinctive Asset Grid. She is a research professional with a key focus on branding. Her research spans a vast array of branding topics including (but not limited to) brand equity, brand health metrics, word of mouth and the role of loyalty and growth. Her book, ‘How Brands Grow 2’, has recently been updated and in this new edition Jenni writes specifically about business to business markets.

Nick and Jenni discuss:

  • The reason behind the research that underpins her book ‘How Brands Grow 2’
  • Customer acquisition vs customer retention vs customer loyalty
  • Why the law of ‘Double Jeopardy’ is the secret to how brands grow
  • How to cut through the noise through reach, branding, and messaging
  • How to build physical availability through presence, prominence, and portfolio
  • Recommendations for acquiring new customers
  • The importance of the ‘Duplication of Purchase’ law
  • How to simplify a marketer’s life in order to build both mental and physical availability in the B2B world…

… plus lots more.

Listen to the podcast in full here.

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