The Cellar Door as Catalyst for Wine Consumption Changes and Multiplier of Sales in the Australian Wine Market


Investigators: Prof. Johan Bruwer,  Prof. Larry Lockshin, Prof. Anthony Saliba

The overall purpose of this research project is to develop a better understanding of wine consumers’ purchase and consumption patterns before, during, and as a direct consequence of their visits to wineries, with the cellar door being the hub of their experience. More specifically the project’s objectives are to determine:

  • Who the cellar door visitors are (socio-demographics), their wine consumption metrics, and relationship with the winery and region.
  • The nature and extent of the cellar door visitors’ buying behaviour at the cellar door and the likelihood of them buying the brand in future.
  • The relationship that cellar door visitors have had with the winery’s brand prior to visiting the cellar door.
  • The characteristics of the wine region as perceived by the cellar door visitors.

In the two follow-up surveys executed at two 3-monthly intervals after the initial cellar door visit stage, the project’s objectives are to:

  • Determine the effect of the cellar door visit on wine consumption in terms of regionality, type/style, and price/quality.
  • Track the incidence and extent of purchase (and repurchase) of the wineries’ wines at off-premise, on-premise and direct mode channels among a cohort of winery cellar door visitors.
  • Establish the nature of communication resulting from a cellar door visit, for example word-of-mouth, etc.

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