Advisory Boards

The Institute benefits from the advice and counsel of three outstanding Advisory Boards in Europe, Australasia, and North America. Our boards are supported by some of the world’s biggest brands and comprise senior executives that have shown an ongoing commitment to the Institute’s growth.



The Australasian Advisory Board

Lisa Ronson

Chief Marketing Officer

Suresh Balaji

Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific

The European Advisory Board

Conny Braams

Chief Digital & Marketing Officer

Dr Gabi Trinkfass

Director of International Brand Management

Jane Wakely

Executive Vice President, Chief Consumer and Marketing Officer, Chief Growth Officer International Foods

Merete Høberg

Senior Marketing Manager Beer

Nigyar Makhmudova

Chief Growth Officer

Pierre Laubies

Managing Director Elmfort Capital BV

The North American Advisory Board

Kelly Johnson

VP, Advertising & Marketing Intelligence

Norman de Greve

Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer
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