26th of April 2022

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How Direct Line plans to create new category ‘entry points’ with its latest brand campaign

Having won the Marketing Week Awards Grand Prix for its brand platform last year, Direct Line has launched a new campaign to shift perceptions even further.

Direct Line is making a strategic shift under its award-winning ‘We’re On It’ platform, as it looks to take “ownership” of a position within the insurance market as the only brand that will be its customers’ “backup” in times of need.

The new campaign is the fourth under the brand platform, which launched in March 2020 to replace Direct Line’s long-running and still highly-successful platform, ‘The Fixer’. We’re On It sees well-known superheroes race to save consumers from various home, business and car related troubles, only to find Direct Line is already fixing the problem.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Direct Line’s head of marketing Wendy Moores says the first round of the platform did a “great job” of landing the message that “no one solves problems like Direct Line”.

We’ve taken some time to get here, but for the right reasons. Every time we’ve gone into research, we’ve learned something really important.

Wendy Moores, Direct Line

However, now the brand wants to enhance its position even further and “access more category entry points” with customers than ever before. Working with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Direct Line realised it could own a position as the only insurer to have its customers’ backs.

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