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Brands need distinctive assets

Brands relying on the quality of their content to get noticed may be neglecting the significant marketing opportunities offered by having a set of distinctive assets, according to Jenni Romaniuk.

Brands can help bring a divided nation together – here’s how

America seems more divided than ever. As a brand marketer, I have to ask myself: Will we ever come together? And can brands help? The answer in both cases is a qualified yes. Brands are increasingly entering the debate whether they want to or not. This presents challenges for brand marketers, but also opportunities for the country, because brands that want to be successful have little choice but to serve as unifying forces.

The Four Commandments: future proofing a brand’s identity

Distinctive Assets are created by the brand’s marketing activities, and when done well—like M&M’s, Fructis and Weet-Bix—they can activate a rich vein of thoughts. Yet there are also risks. The appeal of Distinctive Assets can lead marketers to make poor choices about assets for their brand, particularly when they’re considering (or have been told) it’s time for a change.

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