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How to ensure product launches have the best chance of success

The demise of Innocent’s dairy-free smoothies coincided with a report from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute which showed just how difficult it is to get a product launch right. Investigating 83,719 new product introductions over an eight-year period, the Institute found that a quarter failed in the first year and 40% were gone inside two years. As Innocent made its plant-based innovation in 2018, a lack of time on shelves does not seem to have been the cause of its failure.

The law of brand user profiles: The sharpest nail in the coffin of hyper-targeting

For the past few years, at The B2B Institute we’ve been on a mission to prove that the Ehrenberg-Bass laws of growth hold true in B2B, not just B2C. But recently, our colleague at the B2B Institute, Derek Yueh, partnered with PhDs Nicole Hartnett and Carl Driesener from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute to study three of the biggest categories in B2B: infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM). So, what did we find?

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