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A Nation of Floozies

Ehrenberg-Bass’ Byron Sharp taught us all to give up on loyalty to grow a brand, but new research from Nielsen has revealed just how promiscuous we are when it comes to shopping around with brands.

Psychological Research Explains Why TV Viewing Is Higher than Ever

According to new research by London Business School professor Patrick Barwise and senior researchers Steven Bellman and Virginia Beal at the University of South Australia, it’s because TV viewing still meets our psychological needs to relax and escape, as well as being a much cheaper time filler than other activities, and is now more available than ever.

“Is digital marketing a bubble?”

If our industry does not adopt a scientific approach to how marketing works or does not work, it will lose its influence, says Jenni Romaniuk at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science . We are prepared to agree, which is perhaps why it feels a little sad to see how a poorly substantiated article that drives the thesis that all online marketing has no effect has been extensively shared on social channels in recent weeks.

More effective TV advertising: the ‘how to’ conference you should not miss

At the upcoming The Future of TV Advertising Global conference, Professor Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Industry Growth Professor, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, provides the latest thinking from this world-leading organisation. She reveals what is happening to the performance of big brands and why, and what we can learn from successful newcomers, and what has changed in the search for growth.

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