William Caruso

Senior Marketing Scientist

William has an extensive research background conducting projects for a range of local and international clients. He has experience in in-store research design, questionnaire development, data collection management, analysis and reporting of data. He is experienced in Distinctive Asset measurement. He has worked on projects for large-scale, multi-country projects which cover a wide range of product categories including; chocolates, breakfast cereals, beverages, personal care, insecticide products and household cleaning products.

William’s key area of expertise is retail merchandising, with a focus on packaging development, he can also provide insights into effective in-store activation end of aisle (endcap) displays

Academic Publications

Caruso, William et al. (2015). Exploring the effectiveness of endcap locations in a supermarket: early evidence from in-store video observations. ANZMAC

Caruso, William et al. (2014). Shopping When Hungry: Factors Influencing the Healthfulness of Supermarket Baskets. ANZMAC



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