Dr Zachary Anesbury

Senior Marketing Scientist

Zachary’s area of expertise is patterns of consumer buying and media consumption behaviour. His research was instrumental in extending the scope of established consumer behaviour laws. Zachary has published in leading marketing journals including the International Journal of Market Research, Journal of Consumer Behaviour and the Journal of Advertising Research. He is currently focusing on how younger consumers buy brands and consume media.

Zachary has conducted research for many Sponsor on a local, domestic and international level. The Sponsors benefit from the Institute’s core knowledge on how consumers behave via the Laws of Growth and Brand Tracking research projects.

Academic Publications

Sharp, B, Nenycz-Thiel, M, Martin, J, Anesbury, Z & McColl, B 2017, ‘Are Big Brands Dying?’ Australia: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

Anesbury, Z, Greenacre, L, Wilson, A, Huang, A 2017a, ‘Patterns of fruit and vegetable buying behaviour in the United States and India‘, International Journal of Market Research 1-28.

Anesbury, Z, Winchster, M & Kennedy, R 2017b, ‘Brand user profiles seldom change and seldom differ‘, Marketing Letters, 1-20.

Bogomolova, S, Anesbury, Z, Lockshin, L, Kapulski, N, Bogomolova, S 2017, ‘Exploring the Incidence and Antecedents of Buying an FMCG Brand and UPC for the First Time‘, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 1-9.

Anesbury, Z, Nenycz‐Thiel, M, Dawes, J & Kennedy, R 2016, ‘How do shoppers behave online? An observational study of online grocery shopping‘. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 15, 261-270.

Page, B., Anesbury, Z., Moshakis, S. & Grasby, A 2016, ‘Exploring the duplication of purchase law for outdoor advertisements’, ANZMAC. Christchurch, New Zealand.

Trinh, G, & Anesbury, Z 2015, ‘An investigation of variation in brand growth and decline across categories’, International Journal of Market Research, 57(3), 347-356.

Anesbury, Z, Nenycz-Thiel, M, Kennedy, R, & Dawes, J 2014, ‘Shopping takes only seconds… in-store and online‘ Report 67: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

Anesbury, Z, Dawes, J, Kennedy, R, & Nenycz-Thiel, M, 2012, ‘Supermarket Shelving: A Conceptual Paper on the Value of Shelf Position’, Paper presented at ANZMAC (Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy) Conference, Adelaide.

Anesbury, Z, Kennedy, R, & Banelis, M 2011, ‘The consistency of partitions across time‘, Paper presented at the ANZMAC.

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